Chiropractic Consultation Procedures at Southern Spinal Care

During your first consultation, your spine and nervous system will be examined for subluxations.

Subluxation occurs when the delicate balance of normal movement in your spine is upset. Simply, your joints can be stuck in place; out of place; not moving enough; or moving too much. Abnormal joint movement in any portion of the spine initiates a chain of events which results in altered nerve function.

Our primary concern is to locate any subluxations you have and correct them.

What causes subluxations?

Physical Trauma such as improper lifting, car accidents, repetitive motions and poor sleeping habits can cause spinal subluxations. Emotional stress and chemical imbalances are common causes also.

Living and everyday life with its various faulty postures or one small accident as a child will cause subluxation and you may be unaware you have unless you are examined.

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